Portfolio Summary

A custody solution designed from the ground up for the challenges of storing assets, we operate very similarly to traditional custodial services.

Wallets Syncing

Connecting directly to the cryptocurrency networks we support. You will have a unique wallet where you will store your money.

Trade Cryptocurrencies

Enter the amount you would like to purchase. You may enter the amount in BTC or in your local currency.


The bitcoin address shown on your receive address will change every time you receive money, but old addresses will continue to work.

  • The world is filled with massively simple problems that must have massively simple solutions; massive in their scope and impact, simple in that anyone can understand and be affected by them. I seek to find and address massively simple problems.
  • Design is a way of life and of improving lives, a timeless process of observing and adapting. I recognize and embrace proven examples from nature and human experience to find new solutions for the digital world.
  • Everyone shares the basic need to connect, but we see that our collective ability to truly live our connections is in flux. I create things that nurture and instigate living connections in both the digital and physical world.