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An Easy and Intuitive Way to Buy and Sell Cryptocurrency

With tZERO, your cryptocurrency is held in your personal wallet from the moment of purchase. This means only you have access to it and it cannot be hacked or stolen as long as you maintain control of your phone and password. Centralized exchanges hold the keys for you. This is convenient but can cause customers to lose their funds when hackers see large amounts of cryptocurrency in a single location or an exchange ceases to do business either temporarily or permanently. It also results in additional, hidden fees for the withdrawal of your cryptocurrency from the exchange.

A Crypto Exchange Built on a Crypto Wallet

A cryptocurrency wallet, like tZERO Crypto, is a software program or other method of storing cryptographic keys. These keys are required to transact with bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies. That means that keeping keys secure is of the utmost importance. Losing a key is like dropping cash on the ground or in a pond. This is why tZERO Crypto developed the Key Recovery system. It can help you get your money back if you lose your cryptographic keys.

Designing for Security in a Number of Ways

  • Biometrics. Access to your wallet is protected with biometric data using your face and your fingerprint, ensuring that no one but you can access the wallet and the cryptocurrency stored on it.
  • Transaction Verification. For every transaction, users are asked to take a picture of themselves so that we can verify the rightful owner of the account is the one authorizing the transactions. This picture is compared to the picture used in enrollment to verify that you are the person who owns your account. While no system is completely foolproof, this makes the security of the tZERO Crypto far stronger than other cryptocurrency wallets.
  • Responsible Data Storage. To make sure we comply with state and federal laws, all new users will submit personal identifying information for analysis and approval. The personal identifying information collected by tZERO is not saved, so it cannot be stolen from tZERO. tZERO only keeps your name, picture, state and email address.
  • Direct Delivery and Ownership. tZERO does not hold your cryptocurrency. When you purchase a Bitcoin from tZERO, it is sent from the point of purchase directly to your private wallet. Unlike many sites and exchanges, this means that no one can hack tZERO to steal your Bitcoin because we never have access to it.
  • Disaster Recovery. Even if you lose your phone, tZERO has a unique, patentable way to recover your funds that no other service offers. While we hope this doesn’t happen, you can have peace of mind that even in an unfortunate event such as this, your money is still safe.