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Finding parking in your community can be a challenge. Zark Parking is bringing your solution closer to home, allowing you to quickly and efficiently book any available space in your community.

  • Book a space for one day, or up to seven.
  • Our app is simple and easy to use.
  • Your guests and roommates will have a safe and convenient place to park—no frustrations, no arguments, and no tows or tickets.

Friends don’t let friends get ticketed or towed

No need for your roommates or guests to waste time and energy looking for a spot. Start the visit off right with a short-term parking solution that’s safe and convenient for them—and inexpensive and easy for you.

Now everyone can relax and enjoy the time spent together at your place. No risk. No hassle. No worries.

The Problem and Solution

Zark is a small company with big goals. Zark brought me in to help create an iOS solution to help onboard and manage parking locations. Being the only designer on the team I needed to make sure to always provide clear and strong designs to the developers to reduce complications and questions.

A New Space with New Lessons

The parking and management space was new to me and in order to the best job possible I needed to learn all I could about the industry. Which meant I had to research the market; understand the trends. I needed to understand the customers, current, prospective, their demographics and goals.

Time to Start Working

Once I had a basic understanding I was able to jump in and work closely with the product owner to establish a clear list of objectives. We did a three day kickoff to outline features and journey mapping and conduct user interviews.

In an effort to ensure developers can continue moving forward I needed to create a design system and share it with the team to make sure we all had the same understanding of how to read the document. The design system takes time up front but once created it allows us to move quickly.